Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fantastic Fish Head Noodles at Imbi Wet Market!

It’s been awhile since I wrote here.

I’ve been busy traveling all over the world and was recently back in Kuala Lumpur for a while. And whenever I am back, I will never fail to head to my favorite place in all of Kuala Lumpur.

And that’s the Imbi Wet Market.

Yeah, and you know why?

Well that’s because they have the best ‘fish-head-noodle’ in the whole of Malaysia. I would perhaps be bold enough to venture that it’s so good, it can beat Penang and Malacca clear soup noodles or prawn noodles, if you ask me.

The stall is located on the corner of the market, near the entrance to the ‘roast pork’ and butcher area. In front of the stall you’ll find some hawker selling ‘yau-char-kuay’ which is a kinda fried bread and next to it, a chee-cheong-fun stall which is some flat rice noodles with yong-tau-foo.

Heck, this is getting complicated – explaining all these different types of food. If you’re visiting Malaysia, ask your Malaysian friend. Definitely, they’ll know what I mean.

Okay, the noodles come with fish head meat, ginger, some green herbs (I don’t know what it’s called – I ain’t a cook dude!) and with a dash of pepper. They only open from 8am to 11am, on Tue, Wed, Sat and Sundays only.

Back to the food!

Take a slow appreciative whiff of the bowl of noodles. Whoa! The pepper and the herbs smell heavenly. And take a sip of the soup. Whoa! Peppery! Nice! And sink your teeth into the soft flesh of the fish head! Syok-a-do!!!

Yeah, a treat not to be missed!!!

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